Greer's Community Service Organizations
Greer Civic Association LOGO The Greer Civic Association (CGA)
The Greer Civic Association is best remembered for the Annual Greer Days celebrations. The CGA will put on community events to raise money to do things the community needs done (walkways, flowers, flagpoles etc.) The membership is a diverse group of homeowners (many of whom are also business owners) in Greer.

   Business Council LOGO The Business Council of Greer (BCG)
The Business Council of Greer is a group of business owners in Greer. The focus of the Business Council of Greer is to support and grow the business environment in Greer. This is accomplished by supporting the various other organizations in Greer, and by publishing various guides and visitor information on Greer and surrounding areas.

   Greer Coalition LOGO The Greer Coalition,Inc (GCI)
The Coalition goal is to give Greer property owners a voice in addressing such critical community issues as growth and development, land usage, planning and zoning, fire protection, taxes and local ordinances.

Music From Greer LOGO Music From Greer
Music From Greer is a non for profit group that is like the "Arts & Entertainment" group for Greer. Bringing in small concerts ranging from jazz to bluegrass, piano soloists to country bands, Music From Greer runs on donations usually derrived from their concerts.

   Greer Fire District
   Dial 911
Greer Fire District
The Mission of the Greer Fire District is to protect the lives and properties of our Greer family. We will respond safely and quickly with trained and compassionate members; to any fire, medical emergency or disaster whether caused by man or nature. We will strive to reduce the need of our services through public education and community interaction. Your services will be delivered by our skilled team of professionals, who are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of those we serve, because when you're in Greer you are Family.

   Greer Community Facilities Association
Greer Community Facilities Association(GCFA)
The GCFA provides stewardship for both public and private use of The Greer Community Center. The entire Greer Meadow was once privately owned. As part of a trade agreement, the meadow lands were acquired for National Forest use, and a parcel of land was designated for special community use. The Ragel Family Community Center was buit on this land, and the non-profit GCFA was created to provide stewardship for the property.

   The Butterfly Lodge Museum
The Butterfly Lodge Museum
Educating the Present and Protecting the Future by Preserving the Past

   The Butterfly Lodge Museum
The Greer Wallow Fire Recovery Group
The Greer Wallow Fire Recovery Group is a newly formed 501.c3 non profit organization created after the huge wildfire in 2010 wiped out over a hlaf million acres of forest service land, and not stopping until it took many homes and buildings in Greer. Luckily Main Street Was spared and the community set out to let the world know that Greer was Still Here, Still Green, and Still Greer. The group has sponsored an event known as The Kick Ash Bash each following year (music festival sort of weekend) to help the community recover Emotionally, Environmentally and Economically.

   Other Various Organizations
Greer Memorial Library
Little Colorado Sanitary District

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