The Greer Cafe Closes Permanently
updated January 2017

The Greer Cafe and The Copper Barrel Gift Shop, including the Park at 60 Main Street is CLOSED PERMANANTLY. Currently NOT for sale.

A quote from Kay Zahn, owner of LLC "The Greer Cafe never made any money, but for over a half decade it was labor of love. The community loved it. Visitors loved it. The park was full of activity and a vibrant vibe had come to Main Street. We literally built something from nothing but a food truck and an old garage. We created 15 jobs in the village and things were starting to come together. But then I got over zealous and I leased The Greer Peaks Resort. Not a good business decision. I trusted the wrong person and after running the place for a little over a year and losing a ton of money, we had to stop."

Further, "I thought I had purchased an 'option to fail' by giving him a $100,000 non refundable deposit. Our contract stated that the landlord's 'SOLE REMEDY' was eviction. But $100,000 for nothing wasn't enough for the owner of The Greer Peaks. He took my company to court, winning an additional $543,000 judgement from a jury of 8 people who were, I can confidently say, not "my" peers. They were made to not like me rather than understand the actual contract that we entered into. I offered $75k after we moved out. I offered $150k before we went to trial, but $543,000????!!!! I don't have that kind of money. That hasn't stopped him from garnishing accounts and driving my 35 year old business in the valley into bankruptcy."

So if you happen that way in Greer, you will see the entrance is roped off. The property once bustling with people eating ice cream and pizza or having a cold beer on the patio, sits in lonely dispair. Kay Zahn wants you to know "You can thank the new owners of The Greer Peaks, along with their business partner(s) for their attack on my character, my bank accounts, my heart and soul. "
-------November 2012-------

Greer,AZ is your Winter Wonderland
destination for FUN !
November 23, 2012

The Business Council of Greer announces the kickoff of their Winter Wonderland in the Village with their new website Holiday Family Fun all through the village. Snowsledding, caroling, snowmen contests, and MORE. The Magic of the Holiday can still be found in Greer.

-------November 2011-------

Tis the Season in Greer AZ
November 13, 2011

Molly Butler Lodge and The North Pole Experience ushered in the Holiday Season last night with their traditional Tree Lighting ceremony. The Round Valley Choir sang holiday songs until Santa arrived (thanks to Greer Fire Department)

Inside the lodge The Quacker Barrel Gift Shop and Frostybottom Cafe hosted the 3rd annual Gingerbread Cabin Building contest, and a record number of houses were made. Winners in 5 different categories took home prizes like Sock Monkeys and Skate Boards, while everyone received a coupon for a treat from Frostybottom, Quacker Barrel or Molly's.

It promises to be another great holiday season in Greer. Home of the North Pole Experience. Book your Magic today.
--------October 2011-------
Octoberfest in the Park at 60 Main Street in GREERaz

Oktoberfest war ein voller Erfolg (translated: was a success!) as we had a great turn out for our Competition between local Chefs in our first annual "Soup Off"

First Place Bragging Rights go to Robbie Sutherlin from The Peaks Resort with his Smoked Mushroom soup. He smoked the mushrooms on site and made his soup right before our eyes, it was great! Examine the votes however and you will see that Robbie won with 18 votes, and Second place was shared by Karey from Greer Mountain Resort and Ron from Molly Butler Lodge each with 17 votes. Clam Chowder and Seafood Gumbo were their entries and the crowd was not disappointed. The Pasole' was HOT HOT HOT on the run with 15 votes and the MEAN BEAN from Frostybottom was "nipping" at their heels!!!!
The artists who joined us in the Park must have been happy, as more than a piece or two left in the hands of happy customers!

Surely the pumpkin carvers were happy, as they all got a Frostybottom treat, and the winners each got $10 to spend on food, drinks or gifts at the Quacker Barrel. Here's some of the entries, as seen after we Lit them UP!
Our Pumpkin Walk
--------September 2011-------
Greer is Still Here, Still Green, STILL GREER.

There were THOUSANDS of entries. We were 2nd in Fan Voting and won $1,000 as a finalist for the Greer Wallow Fire Recovery Fund. We did good GREER !!!!

The Kick Ash Bash was the BEST! We had a short rain on Friday evening's events, but were then rewarded with the MOST AMAZING RAINBOW we had EVER seen. Then on Saturday (IN JULY) we had a full day of sunshine, and not a drop of rain. Live Music played on the STAGE in the Pines from Noon to 10pm, and Mother Nature proved that she still LOVES US.
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